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Feifei - Hide and seek (Just Kids)

Netherlands, 2013, 15 min.

Director: Els van Driel
Production company:
Stichting Verzorging Kerkelijke Zendtijd/IKON
Postbus 10009
1201 DA Hilversum

Phone +31 35-6727272

Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Film genre: Documentary

Feifei (8) is a Chinese boy, born in the Netherlands, who officially doesn’t exist. He is undocumented, together with his mother. He is an illegal resident. But he is also just a child, like his friend Mees who thinks it is totally weird that Feifei doesn’t have a passport. Feifei himself also doesn’t understand a thing of all this paper- work, but he hopes that a special Children’s regulation will give him the papers he needs to build up a normal life in a decent house. Will he succeed in getting these papers?

Just Kids is a documentary series for children about children's rights. With stories from the perspective of one specific child in the Netherlands and other countries around the globe. Just Kids encourages kids to think and debate amongst themselves, at home or at school. Our goal is to stimulate reflection without prejudice or disapproval and to make children aware of the fact that every child has the right to be happy.

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