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Original title: Pappa
Norway, 2019, 8 min., no dialogue

Director: Atle Blakseth, Einar Dunsæd
Production company:
Kristian IVs gate 13,
0164 Oslo
Phone: +47 90 99 52 29

Age recommendation: 6 years and up
Film genre: Animation

Larger than life, dressed in suit and tie, papa appears at the window one evening, with a gift for his son. Papa is strong and brave – he frees animals from captivity, wins races with his superfast car, dives down into the depths of the ocean. Papa is a sorcerer who can make himself appear and disappear magically. In gently illustrated images, this animated film tells of a child’s poignant longing for his absent father.

Nordic Filmdays Lübeck 2019
BFF Kristiansand 2019
Berlinale Generation 2019 (laudable mention)