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Dark, Dark Woods

Denmark , 2017, 7 min., no dialogue

Director: Emile Gignoux
Production company:
The Animation Workshop/VIA University College
Kasernevej 5
8800 Viborg
Phone: +45 8755 4900
E: (general inquiries)

Age recommendation: 6 years and up
Film genre: Animation

The young princess Maria is fed up with her family and escapes into the dangerous forest in order to live among monsters, and become her true self.

Dark Dark Woods is a 2D bachelor short-film, currently being made in The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark, by a group of 7 third year students.
In the film we explore what it means to be true to oneself and perhaps come to term with your family.

Marketing strategies:
Miyu Distribution
Studio Paris
18, passage du Chantier
75012 Paris
Phone: 01 43 44 53 76

Schlingel 2018
International Festival of Animated Films (ITFS), Section "Tricks for Kids" 2018
Kristiansand 2018
Giffoni 2017