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My First Festival – El Meu Primer Festival

Barcelona, Spain
14/11/2020 - 29/11/2020 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Rhythm: annual, next Festival afterwards (probably): November 2021

Competitive Original Children's Film Festival
Director/s: Nathalie Modigliani & Mireia Manén
Prizes: Seven awards for short films plus one programme of long feaure films
Deadline for film entries: 31/05/2020 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Programs: Features, Shorts, Animations, Documentaries
Number of films (app.): 60
Age of audience: 2-12
Number of spectators (app.): 16.000
Festival's recognition: international
Media coverage: international
Notes/description: The festival is divided into several sections: ‘A window onto the world’, ‘Films from all times’ (classics), ‘Animation focus on a specific country’, ‘Film concerts’ (silent films with live music) and ‘For a very young audience’ (2+), the last section being the most successful with families queuing to let their children live their first cinema experience. The festival also features family workshops.

Associació Cultural Modiband
Carrer Camps i Fabrés, 3-11, 2n, 8a
08006 Barcelona

Phone: ++34-93-3025553
Fax: ++34-93-5540140
Internet: www.elmeuprimerfestival.com/?lg=2