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Year of Production 2024


English title: Monstria
Original title: Monstria
German title: Monstria

Director: Rahbek, Jan
Production company: Copenhagen Bombay
Co-producers: DR
Age recommendation: 5 years and up
Length: 75 min.
Film genre: Animation

Humanity has abandoned Earth after an environmental disaster. The survivors travel in a gigantic spaceship looking for another planet similar to Earth. They find what appears to be an attractive planet: Monstria.
The only problem it’s full of MONSTERS! Fearful of the monsters humans are kept on board until eleven-year-old Alfa discovers that a monster has made its way aboard. Alfa finds out the little monster, Nefú, is in fact friendly and decides to help it go back home. With a series of events Alfa, Nefú and humans discover the truth about Monstria and all of its resident.

Expected release: 2024

World sales address/es:
Copenhagen Bombay (DK)