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Original title: Uranya
German title: Uranya
Greece, 2006

Director: Kapakas, Costas
Production company: Cinegram SA
Co-producers: Greek Film Centre, Odeon SA, ERT S.A
Age recommendation: 10 years and up

A small village in provincial Greece in the summer of 1969. Achilles and his friends Thomas, Herkules, Fanourios and Fots regularly steal small amounts of money so they can finally be able to fulfill their big dream: a visit to the prostitute Uranya, who lives in a small hut on the beach. A new cinema opens and Achilles breaks his leg when he falls trying to take a peep at an X-rated film for adults only. In hospital, he hears about the Apollo 11 mission and that the approaching landing on the moon is to be broadcast live on television. Achilles is enthusiastic, because he plans to be a pilot one day. He is determined not to miss this event. Unfortunately there is not a single television in the village, not even in the bar. Therefore, Achilles has no other choice than to convince his friends of the importance of spending their funds on a television, instead of for Uranya. The first landing on the moon versus the first-time sex – the boys only barely decide in favor of a television. While the friends set out to undertake creative fund raising to cover the full purchase price, the ruling military government is demanding its tribute. This has immediate consequences for the families of Achilles and Thomas. Strife and treason exist not only amongst the adults, the proponents and opponents of the military dictatorship, but also amongst the circle of friends.

Lucas Frankfurt 2007, Umea 2007, Buenos Aires (awarded), Cyprus 2007, Kristiansand 2008

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Odeon (GR)

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