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Unna and Nuuk

Original title: Unna ja Nuuk
Finland, 2006

Director: Cantell, Saara
Production company: Mandart Entertainment
Age recommendation: 7 years and up

One day 11-year-old Unna feels a stab of pain in her chest – she senses that her beloved Granddad is in danger. Unna calls her grandfather, who has had a case of illness, and saves his life. At the hospital Unna´s grandfather reveals that Unna has shaman blood in her veins and that the gift to heal has been passed on to her. Unna is the only person Granddad can turn to for help.

Granddad tells Unna where to find the shaman´s book and magic drum. When beaten three times, the drum will move its owner to another time and place, and so begins Unna´s adventure in the Finnish Stone Age. Here the recently immigrated hammer axe people kidnap Unna and Nuuk, the son of the original tribe´s shaman. Unna has met Nuuk in the woods while looking for a cure for her grandfather. Unna and Nuuk escape from their captors, and trek through the wilderness towards Nuuk´s home village. During their adventure Unna must get to know Nuuk, but finding a common language proves quite a challenge. Unna learns to survive in the Stone Age, but has yet to find a cure for her Granddad so that she can return home from the age of her ancestors.

Unna and Nuuk is an adventure story for children.

Director’s statement
“The main themes of this film are learning to win the fear of “the other”, the importance of conveying knowledge from one generation to the next and working together in order to solve mutual problems”.

Kristiansand 2006, Giffoni 2006, Lucas Frankfurt 2006, Chicago 2006, Nordic Filmdays Lübeck 2006, Oulu 2006, FICI Madrid 2007

Website: www.unnajanuuk.fi

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FS Film Oy (FI)