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Year of Production 2021

ECFA Award Winner

Sister, The (aka: My Little Sister)

English title: Sister, The (aka: My Little Sister)
Original title: Sestrenka
German title: Jamils Schwester aka Schwesterchen
Russia, 2019

Director: Galibin, Alexander
Production company: Motor! Film Studio
Age recommendation: 9 years and up
Length: 95 min.
Film genre: Feature film

This is the screen adaptation of Mustai Karim’s novel “The joy of our home”. The action takes place during the Great Patriotic War. The orphan, Ukrainian girl Oksana, who was found in a devastated house, gains shelter and her new family in a Bashkir village. Oksana’s relationship with her sworn brother Yamil and the other village children was not easy at first. Children struggle together day after day with difficulties of the wartime that unite them.

Zero Plus CFF Tyumen/Rusia 2019 (awarded), Dytiatko CFF Charkow 2020 (awarded), Schlingel CFF Chemnitz 2020 (awarded, ECFA Award), Vittorio Veneto CFF 2020, Rolan Bykow CFF Yerevan 2020

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