Report on ECFA Festivals Zoom Meeting available

On 29 June ECFA brought approx. 50 festivals together in an online meeting, looking for answers to their most urgent questions. Several member organisations shared their experiences in different phases of festival preparation:


The Women’s Film Festival Barcelona (Marta Nieto Postigo) took place in June as an online event.

The Busan Int’l Kids & Youth Film Festival (Emily Jang) is counting down to next week’s festival opening.

Cinekid (Heleen Rouw) is preparing her festival for October.

– Xiaojuan Zhou (Attraction Distribution) shared the perspective of a sales agent.

#OneWorldChildren (Jitendra Mishra) is an online project running successfully in times of lockdown.

Check out the the full report of the meeting.


Information Celebration February 2020

Films for Kids in South East Europe: The State of Play

Based on the impression that the production of children’s films in South Eastern European countries is extremely low and that movies from Northern European countries do not circulate in the region, the Thessaloniki Film Festival, supported by the Greek Film Centre, launched a research initiative. They identified the need to have reliable data as a basis for reflection and, where appropriate, for proposals to encourage children’s film in Southern Europe.

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KIDS Regio & Golden Sparrow about the 3rd KIDS Regio Forum

“Cultural success means that a film has an impact”

“In Weimar at the KIDS Regio Forum (26-28 June) a high-profile Think Tank will lay down the tracks to follow towards the future. Anne Schultka (KIDS Regio) and Nicola Jones (Golden Sparrow) help us to unravel the children’s film and media construction in the German state of Thuringia.

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“The shirts are the same, but the kids aren’t”

ZARA AND THE MAGICAL FOOTBALL BOOTS is a Dutch TV series in which children living in AZCs participate. Not only as actors – director Mirjam Marks and producer Julia Schellekens included them in every part of the filmmaking process.

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