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Year of Production 2019


English title: Pinocchio
Original title: Pinocchio
German title: Pinocchio
Italy, France, Great Britain, 2019

Director: Garrone, Matteo
Production company: Archimede, Le Pacte, Recorded Picture Company
Co-producers: Rai Cinema
Age recommendation: 8 years and up
Length: 124 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Geppetto is an old woodcarver who creates a puppet. But something magical happens – the cheeky puppet begins to talk and can walk, run and eat like any young boy. Geppetto calls him Pinocchio, and brings him up as his son.

But Pinocchio finds it hard to be good. Easily led astray, he tumbles from one misadventure to another as he is tricked, kidnapped and chased by bandits through a fantastical world full of imaginative creatures – from the belly of a giant fish, to the land of toys and the field of miracles. His loyal friend, the Fairy with the Turquoise Hair, tries to make him see that his dream — to become a real boy — can never come true until Pinocchio finally changes his ways.

Marketing strategies:
Based on the classic story by Carlo Collodi with Roberto Begnini playing Gepetto.

Berlin IFF 2020

World sales address/es:
Hanway (GB)

Sold to:
01 Distribution (IT)
Le Pacte (FR)
Independet (NL)
Ascot-Elite (CH)
Lusomundo (PT)
Volga (RU)