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Year of Production 2019

Hello World

English title: Hello World
Original title: Bonjour le Monde!
German title: Hello World *
France, 2019

Director: Koelher, Anne-Lise & Serre, Éric
Production company: Normaal Animation
Age recommendation: 5 years and up
Length: 61 min.
Film genre: Animation

10 species of animals among so many others are born, live, and become accustomed to each other along beside a river... The long-eared owl takes flight to be born a second time and to tame the night. The great-crested grebe moves back and forth in its fishing terriotry, becoming invisible and dancing with the seaweed. The kingfisher in its journey in search of a place in the sun. The European pond turtle which drifts on the water and defies time. The Irish bat which sees the evening symphony with its ears. The European beaver, the builder of riverbanks which cannot resist the smell of trees. The fire salamander explores both side of the world, this strange marvel. The great bittern, a reed bird that dreams of catching the moon. The pike which hopes to become huge in order to experience great adventures. And, last but not least, the emperor dragonfly, this fighter whose armor is forged by the sun. They all shout: "Hello world!"

Luxembourg IFF 2020

World sales address/es:
Normaal (FR)

Sold to:
Gébéka (F)