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Castle, The

Original title: Pilis
German title: Castle, The *
Lithuania, Ireland, 2019

Director: Luzyte, Lina
Production company: Artbox
Co-producers: Samson Films
Age recommendation: 10 years and up
Length: 115 min.
Film genre: Feature film

This coming of age film follows Monika, a thirteen-year-old Lithuanian girl, after her arrival to live in Dublin. A passionate teenage singer Monika has come along with her mother Jolanta, a professional pianist, who had to take a job in a local fish factory alongside many others in the neighbourhood and her heavily demented Granny who requires 24/7 care. Monika, however, keeps pushing her mum to continue music with her, convinced they will make it big until one day they indeed get an invitation to play in 'The Castle' - one of the best music venues in Ireland. Jolanta, a pragmatic realist, sells their keyboard and tells Monika they won't be going to any castles. This doesn't stop Monika however - she'll go alone. Monika cooks up a scheme to get the EUR100 for a hire of the keyboard. Struggling to raise the money she ends up abducting her own Granny and, pretending to kidnap her, demands a ransom from Jolanta, her mother. (by Lina Luzyte)

Galway Film Fleadh 2020

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