Linda Hambäck about THE APE STAR

Cheaper for the poor, expensive for the rich

Jonna, a well-behaving orphan girl, dreams of finding a mother. That wish might come true when one day a gorilla comes knocking, asking to adopt her. It’s not a typical situation, but ultimately they are having great times together. The odd couple naturally arouses suspicion among the decent citizens in town, but Jonna and Gorilla will gracefully disprove all prejudice, in a moving Swedish animated film by Linda Hambäck. 

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Producers LINK at Kids Kino Industry

This year Kids Kino Industry and Cinekid for Professionals joined forces to launch Producers LINK, a newly established programme for emerging producers of children’s content. The programme is designed to stimulate the production of top-quality children’s content and pan-European co-productions, and will provide follow-up both during and after the two leading kids events in Autumn.


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Cinemini goes Ale Kino! on 2 & 3 December

Cinemini Europe 2 is a film education initiative that has been running since January 2021, offering children aged 3-6 years old, parents and educators an opportunity to discover the world of the moving image in a creative and playful way (more info in ECFA Journal). There will be an opportunity to experience Cinemini for yourself at the upcoming Int’l Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! in Poznan, Poland.


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Schlingel presents Preludes & Premieres

The tension is rising among film colleagues… Looking forward to meeting again on the international festival scene! What place would be better for your glorious return than the Schlingel Festival where even last year, against all odds, much more than a “hybrid”, the ambition was “on location”. The festival is ready to welcome you from 9–16 October in Chemnitz, Germany.


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Brazilian culture represented at Florianopolis Festival

In a country with continental dimensions like Brazil, with huge cultural and geographic differences, a project that started two decades ago has now become an important mirror of childhoods from around the world through film narratives. The Florianópolis Children’s Film Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary edition with a free online programme, bringing to the screen the richness of Brazilian culture and how it’s dialogue with the rest of the world.


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