JUST Film boosts Industry Section for young audience content

JUST Film firmly claims its place within the Black Nights Festival in Tallinn. For instance, a separate section for children’s & youth films is being launched within the Co-production Market, while the Work in Progress is being further developed. Two conclusions: children’s film professionals best book a ticket to Estonia right away… And: be fast and submit your project today (deadline: 15 July).


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Qvisten celebrates 30 years with SPERMAGADDON

In 1994 two Norwegian guys started up the Qvisten Animation Studio in Oslo. Now, 30 years later, their vision is still standing strong: To create positive, formative experiences for children and families through stories with heart and humour that will remain with them for life. But every now and then there’s room for a film that is a bit different. Like the one in the pipeline right now, called SPERMAGADDON.


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Zlin’s ECFA Beat offers platform to defaulted festivals

The ECFA Beat format is a circuit of informal talks in which festival visitors share their opinions on current challenges in the youth film sector. For example, during the Zlin Film Festival, international guests debated the precarious situation of many European youth film festivals. The trigger was the striking situation of the Oulu Int’l Children’s Film Festival, represented by Mika Anttolainen.


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