Thomas Hailer (Nordic Film Days): “Bordeaux wines, Sicilian almonds and good films”

There is life before and after the Berlinale! Thomas Hailer might be known as the former face of the Berlinale’s “Kinderfilmfest” (since 2002), that he renamed Generation and to which he added a youth competition. Later he became curator of the festival’s international competition. Since 2020, he is the artistic director of the Nordic Film Days in Lübeck, a festival that has – by nature – a strong connection with quality films for children.

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Involving the local community in the Olympia Festival

The Olympia Film Festival for Children & Young People in Pyrgos, Greece is at a pivotal point in its development. With the building of a European Centre for Audio-Visual Creation, the festival aspires to a crucial place in the international chain of festivals. But this project only has a raison d’être if it is anchored in the local community, says Deputy artistic director Pantelis Panteloglou.

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Alain Bergala: “I like it, I don’t like it, I’m bored”

Film critic, essayist, editor of publications and exhibitions, screenwriter, director and heretical rapporteur on film education in schools. Alain Bergala, who served the Cahiers du Cinéma for decades as editor and editor-in-chief, is one of those film theorists who are practically active on various levels, including politics.

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