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Original title: Vermin
Denmark, 2018, 6 min.

Director: Jeremie Becquer
Production company:
The Animation Workshop – VIA
Age recommendation: 14 years and up
Film genre: Animation

‘Everything is back to normal’ announces the voice over the loudspeaker, following a disruption in the metro system. But what is ‘normal’? And for whom? Hubert, a poet, falls victim to racist police violence. In this hybrid animated short, rats find themselves in a society dominated by white mice: an allegory and trenchant observation. ‘Je marche, je marche’ – thus the poet continues on his path after the attack.

Marketing strategies:
World sales:
Miyu Distribution
Luce Grosjean
2, rue Leon Blum
13200 Arles

KUKI International Short Film Festival 2018
Berlinale Generation 2018

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