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Original title: Brottas
Sweden, 2018, 15 min.

Director: Julia Thelin
Production company:
Grand Slam Filmproduction AB
116 35 Stockholm
Phone: +46 73 378 28 39

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Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Film genre: Feature film

"Jaana and Bettan are 13 years old. The best of friends, they share an interest in wrestling. Jaana's goal is for them to compete in the advanced group, and they are well on their way. But then Umut arrives on the scene and everything changes. As Umut is a boy, Bettan begins behaving differently, and Jaana is forced to mock her friend's new motives to preserve their friendship. Brottas is for anyone who has ever experienced such intense pent-up emotions which eventually push one over the edge. Here the emotions are released - on the wrestling mat."

International Short Film Festival Dresden 2019
Berlinale Generation 2019
Tromsø International film Festival 2019
Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2018
Palm Springs International Shortfest 2018
Göteborg Filmfestival 2018

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