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Original title: Iktamuli
Germany, 2019, 6 min.

Director: Anne-Christine Plate
Production company:
Balance Film GmbH
Friedrichstraße 14
D-01067 Dresden
Phone +49 351 - 490 37 80

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Age recommendation: 10 years and up
Film genre: Documentary

The film depicts thoughts and feelings of a mother with her so called mentally disabled son. While she moves with him through everyday life, her ambivalent feelings, her struggles to accept him as he is, get into her way. Scenes of daily routine disintegrate into her feelings of rejection and sorrow, happiness and belonging. It is challenging for the mother to take her son as he is.

Iktamuli deals with the conflict of a mother and her feelings of love, connection, self -pity and denial. The story is told as an associative montage of scenes, following feelings and experiences of the mother, as we listen to her inner monologue.

Filmfest Dresden 2019 (awarded)