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High Jump

Belgium , 2021, 12 min.

Director: Lennert Madou
Production company:
RITCS School of Arts
Dansaertstraat 70
1000 Brussels

Age recommendation: 14 years and up
Film genre: Feature film

Otto lives in a remote village, where he spends his time with his two best friends. Yet Otto deals with a constant absence. For a while now Ottos’s boyfriend, Casimir, who is a professional dancer, has been living a thousand miles away to work on his dancing career. Meanwhile, Otto finds comfort in his lover’s movements and uses his own body to fight against the ongoing distance.

Cinema in Sneakers 2022
JEF Festival 2022 (Special Mention)
PinX 2022
Brussels Independent Film Festival 2022 (awarded)
Film Fest Gent 2021
Breedbeeld Kortfilmfestival 2021 (awarded)
Kortfilmfestival Leuven 2021 (awarded)