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Buddha´s smile

Original title: Ulybka Buddy
Russia, 2008, 20 min.

Director: Bair Dyshenov
Production company:
„Geser“ Cinema-Studio
Prospekt 50 let Octyabya, 42
RUS-670034 Ulan-Ude
Tel.: 7 3012 46 64 36
Fax: 7 3012 46 64 37

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Age recommendation: 8 years and up
Film genre: Feature film

Gombo lives in the Buryat Republic in a tiny village on the banks of Lake Baikal. Dawdling on his way home from school, the boy doesn’t get back to his house until nightfall. Nobody is at home and there are some sweets next to Buddha on the family shrine on the wall. Does he dare to steal one of the goodies? But then, just as Gombo reaches for the grub, he hears a voice

Berlinale / Generation 2009 (awarded)