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Original title: Ameisen
Germany, 2018, 4 min., no dialogue

Director: Julia Ocker
Production company:
Ostendstraße 106
D-70188 Stuttgart
Phone 0711 481027

Co-producers: KIKA, SWR
Age recommendation: 5 years and up
Film genre: Animation

The ants are working together perfectly. But there is one ant who is doing everything differently.

Gold Coast Film Festival, New York 2020 (Honorable Mention)
Utah Arts Festival “Fear no Film!” 2019 (awarded)
Shorts at Moonlight, Hofheim 2019
Animatopia Children’s Festival, St. Gallen 2019 (awarded)
Athens Children’s Film Festival 2018 (awarded)
Short Film Festival de Aguilar de Campoo 2018 (awarded)
Barcelona Children’s FF 2018 (awarded)
KUKI Short Film Festival for Children 2018 (awarded)
KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival 2018 (awarded)
FAN Chile, Nunoa 2018 (awarded)
Festival Silhouette, Paris 2018 (awarded)
Festival de Cine para Niños, Mexico City, 2018 (awarded)
Anima Mundi Festival Rio de Janeiro 2018 (awarded)
Giffoni CFF 2018 (awarded)
Curtas Vila do Conde Film Festival 2018 (Honorable mention)
Singapore Children’s FF 2018 (awarded)
Festival de Cinéma en Famille de Québec 2018 (awarded)
Short Film Festival Bamberg 2018 (awarded)
Travelling Festival, Brittany 2018 (awarded)
Anima Festival Brussels 2018 (awarded)

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