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59 Days

Greece, 2020, 5 min.

Director: Zina Papadopoulou
Production company:
Zina Papadopoulou
Agias Lavras 24
11141 Athens
Phone: +30 6945 710 225

Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Film genre: Documentary

Coronavirus. Staying home. And three kids: 3-year-old Stephanos, 5-year-old Dionisis and 9-year-old Sotiris. They can’t see their grandparents. They don’t go to school. This is a diary, a small documentary.

Real Reel IFFestival 2020
Montreal International Animation Film Festival 2020 (awarded)
Ale Kino! 2020
MikroFAF 2020
ASIFA IAD International Animation Day 2020
AnimaSyros 2020
Chaniartoon 2020
COVID DaVinci, Los Angeles 2020