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Why didn’t you stay for me?

English title: Why didn’t you stay for me?
Original title: Waarom bleef je niet voor mij?
Netherlands, 2020, 25 min.

Director: Milou Gevers
Production company:
Netherlands Film Academy
Markenplein 1
1011 MV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)20 5277333

Age recommendation: 14 years and up
Film genre: Documentary

Four children. One director. All lost a parent to suicide. When director Milou probes the questions no one ever dared to ask her, the kids can finally tell about the journey they made from the moment they heard the news.

Cinekid 2021 (awarded)
International FF Assen 2021
Doc Edge FF 2021
Mo & Friese 2021 (awarded)
Zlín 2021
Keep an Eye Filmacademie Festival 2020
Nederlands FF 2020


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