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Year of Production 2024

ECFA Award Winner

Comedy Queen

English title: Comedy Queen
Original title: Comedy Queen
German title: Comedy Queen *
Sweden, 2021

Director: Lenken, Sanna
Production company: FLX
Co-producers: Film i Väst, SF Studios, SVT
Age recommendation: 10 years and up
Length: 93 min.
Film genre: Feature film

13-year old Sasha refuses to cry despite suffering from immeasurable sorrow. She decides to become a stand-up comedian. Her goal is to make everyone laugh again, especially her father.

"The loss of a parent is probably the most painful thing that any child can experience. Addressing this topic in a film made for (we should note: not only) a young audience is audacious, important, and in this case exceptionally well executed. Sanna Lenken succeeds in striking exactly the right balance between somberness and lightheartedness. In a magnificent acting performance, Sigrid Johnson takes us into the mind of 13-year-old Sasha, whose primary goal following the death of her mother is to finally make her bereaved father laugh again. There is no room for her own tears. This simple premise develops into a powerfully emotional cinematic experience that leaves not a dry eye in the house when the plot is resolved. (Jury statement Munich CFF 2022)

Berlin Generation 2022 (awarded), BUFF Malmö 2022 (awarded), Cinema in Sneakers CFF Warsaw 2022, Zlin CFF 2022 (special mention), Munich CFF 2022 (awarded), SehPferdchen CFF Hannover 2022, Giffoni CFF 2022, TIFF Junior CFF Tromsø 2022, nominated for EFA Young Audience Award 2022, Kids Kino CFF Warsaw 2022 (awarded), Buster CFF Copenhagen 2022 (awarded), Ale Kino! CFF Poznan 2022, Lucas CFF Frankfurt 2022 (special mention), Riga IFF 2022 (ECFA Award), Cinekid Amsterdam CFF 2022, Cinemira CFF Budapest 2022, Nordic Filmdays Lübeck 2022, Chicago CFF 2022, JuniorFest Plzen 2022, Piccolo Grande Cinema CFF Milano 2022, Just Film Tallinn 2022, Vienna CFF 2022, Athens CFF 2022, Mannheim-Heidelberg IFF 2022, Youngabout CFF Bologna 2022, Mon Premier Festival Paris 2022, JEF CFF Vlaanderen 2023 (awarded, ECFA Award), Stuttgart CFF 2023, ECFA Award 2023, FIFEM Montreal CFF 2023, KiKiFe Schwäbisch Gmünd 2023, Biky CFF Busan 2023, Buster Copenhagen 2023, Mice CFF Valencia 2023

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