China children’s film movement revives

After a troublesome year, China is among those countries where the children’s film movement is reviving at full force, under the impulse of the China Children’s Film Association.






After the successful Guangzhou Int’l Children’s Film Festival edition last December, now approx. 10,000 young film fans gathered at the 19th Chengdu Children’s Film Week (30 May – 6 June). Organised by the Emei Film Distribution & Theatre Chain on the occasion of the National Children’s Day in the Sichuan province, the event attracted large groups of children, enjoying the screening of 8 mainly domestic children’s films like RUIXI LOVES XIAOBAI, DEPTHS OF COLOURFUL CLOUDS, and PAT & MAT 2.


Huang Jun

Betty Li Yuan (China Children’s Film Association): “It was great to see those children having fun again, forgetting for a moment the difficult times we’ve left behind us. It felt like the dawn of a new era, especially for the China Children’s Film Association. We are delighted to welcome our new president M. Huang Jun. Under his guidance we can’t wait to pick up our role again as the driving force behind China’s children’s film culture.” Huang Jun is a film writer and director with a great experience in children’s film. As former general manager of China Film Animation Co. and director of the China Children’s Film Studio, he has produced more than 30 children’s movies and animation films, and won prestigious domestic awards like the Golden Rooster, the Huabiao Award, the Magnolia Gold Award and the award of the Shanghai TV Festival. Former President and loyal supporter of ECFA Dr. Huo Keming remains in charge as Honorary President of the association.