DOKKINO – That’s how we do it in Finland!

Not just once, not just during a festival, but all year round… Finland’s DOKKINO is an annual, nationwide series of documentary film screenings, a film education tour for children and youth, organised by DocPoint Film Events. The event introduces 10-16 year old audiences to the world of creative documentary films, while promoting documentaries as a tool for learning and self-expression. DOKKINO makes international, high-quality documentaries available in Finland.

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Schlingel goes to India

Every year, the Schlingel Film Festival for Children & Young Audiences brings hundreds of international films to Chemnitz. Conversely, however, Schlingel also takes German films out into the world and accompanies them on their journeys to other international festivals.



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Engeli Broberg & Gabi about GABI, BETWEEN AGES 8 AND 13

“She took a sip from her coco and started talking…”

Gabi is only 8 years old and wrestles with society’s stereotypes about boys and girls. When her family moves from Stockholm to a rural town, and as puberty kicks in, Gabi must decide whether she wants to fit in with the crowd or chart her own path. Director Engeli Bromberg follows this remarkable personality over the course of five years, creating a moving portrait of a child, averse to gender norms, who’s seeking her place in the world.

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Simon Lereng Wilmont about A HOUSE MADE OF SPLINTERS

“They turned their anger and aggression against themselves”

In his documentary feature A HOUSE MADE OF SPLINTERS, Danish director Simon Lereng Wilmont leads us into everyday life in a Ukrainian children’s home in the city of Lysychansk, about 15 kilometres from the front line, into the separatist regions. Here, a small group of strong-willed social workers work tirelessly in a special orphanage, to create an almost magical safe space for kids to live.

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