ECFA Award – Regulations 2016

  1. Every international film festival for children and young people – both within and outside of Europe – that is member of ECFA, can apply in order to get authorisation for presenting the ECFA Award.
  2. The application form must be sent at least 2 months before the festival dates to:
    ECFA, for the attention of the General Secretary
    Rue du Pavillon 3
    1030 Brussels
  3. In order to be eligible, the festival must fulfil the following criteria:
    • Have a minimum of 6 European feature length films in competition.
      • A feature length film is at least 60 minutes long.
      • Considered as European are films produced in:
        • The 27 countries of the European Union
        • Norway, Iceland and Switzerland
        • Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Armenia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, FYR of Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldavia.
      • For the 2016 edition, only films produced in 2014, 2015 or 2016 are accepted.
      • The participating films must aim at a children or young people’s audience. There is not an exact age, but the main target group of the film should be under 14.
    • There is no need to organise a separate ECFA or European competition. The (minimum) 6 European films can be part of the international competition.
    • Invite at least 3 members of ECFA to form the ECFA jury.
      One of these 3 can be from the festivals’ home country, at least two jury members must come from abroad. The 3 jury members can also be part of the overall international jury, but for the ECFA Award, only 3 ECFA jury members decide the winning film.
    • Be responsible for travel and accommodation costs for the 3 jury members.
    • Inform the ECFA office about the choice of the jury members before confirming this to the chosen persons. The ECFA board wants to avoid that the same persons are asked at several festivals.
    • Give substantial attention to this award (in catalogue, press information, closing ceremony ETC), a written report and picture must be sent to ECFA-journal.
    • Publish an ECFA advert in the festival catalogue.
  4. The awarded film of each festival that participated in 2016 will be nominated for the election of the “Overall ECFA Award 2016”; this award will be given by all the ECFA members and will be presented during the Berlinale 2017.
  5. ECFA will provide the participating festivals with an ECFA Diploma; there will be no money prize connected to the ECFA award.