Organising an ECFA Seminar

Guidance for Form

Thank you for your interest in organising an ECFA seminar. Please send the ECFA office a one-page pitch document, using the SEMINAR ENTRY FORM as your guide.

Your form needs to include:

  • Title of the seminar
  • Date and place of the seminar
  • The topic to be discussed – our area of interest is cinema and young people
  • Your proposed format – i.e. is it a single speaker, a panel, a debate, or other format
  • Timetable – how long the seminar will run, will there be lunch break, coffee breaks
  • A “shopping list” of possible speakers. These do not need to be firmed up – just ideas at this stage
  • Who is the seminar aimed at – this might include film festival directors, film literacy managers, educators, distributors, producers, academics and others
  • The take-aways at the end of the seminar – the key things the delegates should know by the end of the seminar
  • Benefits to ECFA members – i.e. reduced fee for seminar, free hotel night(s), free pass to festival etc.
  • ECFA Referee – this needs to be someone from the ECFA board who can vouch for you. This could be the person who would be your Mentor.

Guidance for Seminar

Once the seminar is agreed by the ECFA board, we will inform you of your Mentor, who will be a member of the ECFA board. This is someone who can help you with the seminar and help you develop an event that will be valuable to ECFA members.Seminar Producer Responsibilities:

  • Firm up the concept, structure and speaker targets in discussion with the Mentor.
  • Contact potential speakers and a moderator or chair, and ask them to take part.
  • Invite a member of the ECFA to the seminar. In most cases this will be your Mentor but if they are unable to attend, then another ECFA board member will be the official ECFA representative.
  • Write promotional copy so that the seminar can be marketed by ECFA.
  • Ensure you have the correct ECFA logo on all marketing materials you produce.
  • Liaise with the host organisation on when the session is scheduled, how long etc.
  • Liaise with the host organisation regarding registration of seminar delegates.
  • Confirm the Chair and speakers and ensure they provide their biographies and photos and discuss their travel and accommodation arrangements.
  • Keep the Mentor informed of all changes throughout the process.
  • Ensure that all speakers have some form of opportunity to cross-connect – so that no-one is surprised by others’ contributions on the day. This is vital to the quality of content and producers do it in different ways – some hold a Skype conference in advance, some simply ensure that emails are exchanged around the entire group or that PowerPoints are shared before the event. The key issue here is that no-one – least of all you – should be surprised by what happens on the day.
  • Confirm the running order of your session – who speaks first, what technical materials speakers have etc.
  • Liaise with the Technical team at your venue on what equipment is needed: PowerPoint projection, mics, lectern, tables, chairs etc.
  • Organise technical rehearsal before the seminar starts.
  • Photocopy handouts, agendas etc. for the delegates.
  • Provide an opportunity for ECFA to distribute its postcards, to screen ECFA promotional clip during the seminar and to include an ECFA advert in your catalogue or similar printed materials.
  • Run the session in cooperation with your moderator/chair so that it covers the ground and starts and ends on time.
  • Make sure you have permission to post online the PowerPoints, PDFs, clips etc. after the seminar is over. Put reports online.
  • Send online evaluation questionnaire to delegates.
  • Send final report and evaluation to ECFA.

Please email or fax this form and your CV back to the office (+ 32-2-242.74.27).E.C.F.A. / / Rue du Pavillon 3 / 1030 Brussels – BelgiumECFA will get back to you within one month of receiving the form.