Film Distribution

Communication for European children’s film professionals

Short Film Compilations
ECFA survey on short film compilations in European theatres (11/2013)
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Bringing European Children’s Films to a Broader Audience
Expert Meeting at Cinekid Amsterdam 2008
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ECFA’s Survey on Children’s Film Distribution in Europe (2004 – 2007)
Create Promotional Power – Together
by Reinhold T. Schöffel (9/2008)
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The complete statistical Survey


Collaboration and Education
Report: ECFA’s Conference on the Distribution of Films for Children in Europe at Cinekid Amsterdam 2006
by Gert Hermans (12/2006)
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Survey on the Distribution of European Films for Children in Europe 2000 – 2004
They Come Around!
It is clear, when looking at the box office figures for films for children (or families) in various countries, that these films are well represented in the top ten of each country. These films, of course, are mainly the big American movies or sometimes a „national” production. Another generality we have often heard for many years now is that children’s films rarely pass the border of their country of origin. Here, we will take a look at the exact situation of these European children’s films and how they pass (or not) the borders.
by Felix Vanginderhuysen (12/2005)
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DVD – Let’s do it together!
A Proposal for the international DVD-Distribution
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1st European Conference on the Distribution of Films for the Young Audience
Konstanz/Germany, November, 12th – 14th 1999
From November 12th to 14th, 1999, more than 40 children’s films producers, distributors and distribution experts from eleven European countries came together in Konstanz in order to develop new concepts for the improvement of the distribution of European films for children and young people.
The conference had been initiated by the German Children’s Film Club Federation Bundesverband Jugend und Film and the European Children’s Film Association (ECFA). They were co-operating with the Film & Media Association Baden Württemberg (MFG), the Regional Institution for Communication (Landesanstalt für Kommunikation) and the Department for Media Research of the main TV station in the area (Medienforschung des Südwestrundfunks). At this conference, the foundations for a promising initiative were laid.
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