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Run Sister Run!

Original title: Sisko tahtoisin jäädä
German title: Run Sister Run!
Finland, 2010

Director: Pyykkö, Marja
Production company: Solar Films
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

When Emilia and Siiri jump from the 10-metre tower, it signifies the plunge into a whole new life for Emilia: She will spend her first night in a police station. Emilia and Siiri met up there for the first time that night, and from now on nothing can separate them. Until then, Emilia had lived the life of a sheltered "princess", taking loving care of her little sister and divorced father. But now she rebels, insults her father's girlfriend, stays out at night, goes on a drunken cruise despite being told not to, and even severely beats up an old man ... "Run Sister Run!" tells the story of the turbulent friendship between two girls. Especially as Emilia and Siiri keep testing new boundaries and take wrong paths, director Marja Pyykö succeeds in presenting a touching portrait of her absolutely authentic protagonists. "My goal is to capture the feeling of being young in today's world. To show how it feels when you have to run because walking doesn't take you there fast enough, when instead of speaking you just have to shout."

Luebeck 2010, Tallinn Black Nights Just Film 2010, BUFF Malmö 2011, Kristiansand 2011, Zlin 2011, Buster Copenhagen 2011, SeeYouth Cologne 2011, Olympia Pyrgos 2011 (awarded), Jeugdfilmfestival Vlaanderen Antwerp & Brugge 2012, FICI Madrid 2012

Website: www.solarfilms.com

World sales address/es:
Solar Films (FI)

Sold to:
Nordisk (Fi)