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Blue Bird

Original title: Blue Bird
German title: Blue Bird
Belgium, 2011

Director: Berghe, Gust van den
Production company: Minds Meet
Co-producers: Coproduction Office
Age recommendation: 7 years and up

One morning, Bafiokadié and his sister Téné, two African children, leave their village. The only thing on their mind is to find their lost blue bird before the day is over. But they will find much more along their way: they encounter their deceased grand-parents, they fight the soul of the forest and learn from the Chief of Pleasure. Everyone tells them a story about life and death. At the end of their long journey, the brother and sister enter the Kingdom of the Future and meet some yet-to-be born children. Delighted with this discovery, they eventually return home.

A story about how one day in a child’s life can change its world. For as we lose something we gain something.

Cannes 2011, Filmfest Munich 2011, Karlovy Vary 2011, Buster Copenhagen 2011, Brussels 2011, Nominated for the European Film Academy’s first Young Audience Award 2012

Website: www.bluebirdthefilm.com

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Co-Production Office (F)