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Bob Bob Bølle Bob

Original title: Bob Bob Bølle Bob – Alle tiders held
German title: Bob Bob Bølle Bob
Denmark, 2010

Director: Schmidt, Martin
Production company: Regner Grasten Filmproduktion ApS
Co-producers: TV 2 DK
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

In this second film revolving around the character Bølle Bob, the town mayor and Miss Friis, the stuck-up headmistress, plan to raze Lilleby School to the ground. And it’s up to Bølle Bob, the class clown, to take charge. Aided by the aging rock musician Valde, Bølle Bob and all his friends put on a musical to recruit new students, so their endangered school can survive. But the mayor and Miss Friis soon reach into their bag of dirty tricks.

Box office success in Denmark.

Marketing strategies:
88000 admissions in Denmark until September 2010 (released in June 2010).

World sales address/es:
Regner Grasten Film (DK)

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