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Original title: Bo
German title: Bo
Belgium, 2010

Director: Herbots, Hans
Production company: Caviar Films
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Fifteen year old Deborah wants to escape her dull suburb life and enjoy the luring city of Antwerp. Her new eighteen year old friend Jennifer leads here into the sparkling downtown nightlife.

When Jennifer admits she’s an escort girl, Deborah is intrigued by what appears to be an easy way of getting cash. Under the alias Bo, she takes her first steps into a world she can’t handle yet. The downward spiral leads her to cheap thrills, drugs and into a juvenile institution. To escape this spiral, Deborah can only count on herself.

Based on the bestseller "Het Engelenhuis" by Dirk Bracke.

Anterp/Brugge 2010, Giffoni 2010 (awarded), Tallinn Black Nights Just Film 2010

Website: www.bodefilm.be

World sales address/es:
Caviar Films (BE)

Sold to:
Just Bridge (NL)