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Blood Brothers

Original title: Bloed Broeders
German title: Blutsbrüder
Netherlands, 2008

Director: Dierickx, Arno
Production company: Rinkel Film & TV Productions
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

16- year-old Simon spends his summer days with the immensely wealthy brothers Arnout and Victor van Riebeeck. On the estate where the two brothers live, the boys spend their time playing tennis, listening to music and hanging out with Arnout's beautiful girlfriend Frederique. Meanwhile, in the attic of the villa they keep their friend Ronnie hidden. Ronnie is a petty criminal who is on the run from the police and the boys have offered him a refuge at the villa, without their parents or the villa staff noticing anything. This is until Ronnie becomes a burden and starts blackmailing them.

BUFF Malmö 2009

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