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Original title: Pirret
German title: Schmetterlinge
Sweden, Finland, 2007

Director: Andersson, Kjell Åke
Production company: Speedfilm AB
Co-producers: Sveriges Television AB, Yleisradio Ab/Finlands Svenska Television
Age recommendation: 5 years and up

One day, five-year-old Sara realises that she can fly. But it turns out to be a capricious Gift, because it only happens sometimes when she feels a certain tingle inside. Sara’s mum, who perplexed sees her daughter float, immediately takes her to the hospital to be examined. An investigation is made to find an answer to the question: what is the tingle?

51 min. feature film for young children

BUFF Malmö 2008, Hamburg 2008 (awarded), Discoveryfilmfestival Dundee 2009

World sales address/es:
Reinvent (DK)

Sold to:
Svensk Filmindustri (SE)