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Behind the Clouds

Original title: Atrás das Nuvens
German title: Hinter den Wolken
Portugal, 2006

Director: Queiroga, Jorge
Production company: Filmes do Tejo
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

One evening, before going to bed, 10 year-old Paulo is looking at old photos of his family. Suddenly something unusual happens: His grandfather Miguel winks out at him from a photo. Following the death of his father many years ago, Paulo's mother had broken off all contact to his grandfather, and for this reason Paulo has never met him. Pretending to visit a summer camp together with a classmate of his, Paulo travels alone from Lisbon to the Alentejo region, to visit his grandfather who lives in a remote house. Miguel is surprised, but takes his grandchild in. Soon Paulo's interest is roused by an old red car on his grandfather's land. Supposedly it has the capacity to fly. Initially he does not believe it, but soon he witnesses clouds rising up around the car, and they both travel together into the family's past. Paulo even meets his father on this excursion. He is really enthusiastic and wants to know more about the family. But Miguel is troubled by these memories, and decides to send his grandchild back to Lisbon. Paulo resists and secretly returns to the farm. Reluctantly, Miguel finally undertakes further journeys with his grandchild. As Paulo celebrates his eleventh birthday, he has acquired a better understanding of his family, and can help in the reconciliation between his grandfather and his mother.

Lucas-Jury, Frankfurt 2007:
Through his curiosity and open mind, Paulo changes the people found in his immediate surroundings, thereby bringing his family together again. By acting independently and courageously, the main character exemplifies the earnestness of children’s desires. With poetic pictures, impressive music and striking panoramas, a magical atmosphere composed of a multi-layered construction of fantasy and reality is shown. Focusing on the essentials, the director's trust in calm cinematic narration is both convincing as well as allowing him to develop its own strength. The audience is taken along. Grand cinema for the whole family.

CIFEJ-Jury at Frankfurt 2007:
An original story about a young boy’s struggel to find out the truth about his family and his heritage. This journey is revealed through a warm and poetic script, in which words are used sparingly allowing the underlying emotions to unfold. The cinematography is imaginative in expressing the boy’s quest, both in the present and the magical trips into memory and what have been. A film about discovering and coming to terms with the past but ending with a positive outlook into the future.
“A world in which the older generation can also learn from the young.”

Rio de Janeiro 2007, Lucas Frankfurt 2007 (awarded), Cinekid Amsterdam 2007, Hyderabad 2007, Sao Paulo 2007, Vienna 2007, Antwerp/Brugge 2008, Kristiansand 2008, Stockholm Junior 2008 (awarded), Showcommotion Sheffield 2008, Cinepaenz Cologne 2008, Duesseldorf 2008, Reel Fun Film Festival Calgary/Canada 2009, Augsburg 2009

Website: www.atrasdasnuvens.com

World sales address/es:
Abril-Filmes (PT)
Filmes do Tejo (PT)

Sold to:
Lusomundo (PT)