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Bitter Sweetheart

Original title: Linas kvällsbok
German title: Linas Tagebuch
Sweden, 2006

Director: Joof, Hella
Production company: AB Svensk Filmindustri
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Bitter Sweetheart gives us the naked truth about Lina Berglund, a perfectly normal 15-year-old who longs to be like her carefree and popular friends. It’s a tale that explores the merry-go-round existence of young teens falling in love, discovering sex and dealing with what friendship really means.

Lina Berglund is 15 years old, and she’s sick of being invisible and un-kissed. If you take her word for it, she’s more not than hot.

Her pals are a different story: Thea is good-looking and irritatingly popular while Carro is a nutty extrovert. Lina’s somewhere in-between, only kind of less of everything. In the name of friendship, she does Thea’s homework and inherits her cast-off clothes. She also envies Carro her daring and her disregard for convention. Their hierarchy is etched in stone, and everything goes smoothly as long as they all play their parts. Lina might even be the glue that keeps the trio together, but she feels more like a doormat.

This semester, their last before moving on to high school, is going to be different. Lina’s decided it’s time to live it up

Statement of the Jury at the Nordic Film Days in Luebeck 2007:
“Bitter Sweetheart” is characterized by a particulary open approach to the very first experiences of sexuality - without ever overstepping the mark and without ever becoming clumsy or blatant. The production takes the traits and moods of its figures seriously and remains absolutely entertaining throughout.

Kristiansand 2007, Cinekid Amsterdam 2007, Luebeck 2007 (special mention), Leeds 2008 (special mention)

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