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Boy who Stopped Talking, The

Original title: Jongen die niet meer praatte, De
German title: Junge, der nicht mehr sprechen wollte, Der
Netherlands, 1995

Director: Sombogaart, Ben
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Mohammed, known as Memo, lives with his mother and little sister in a Kurdish village while his father is working at the docks in Rotterdam. When his father hears of growing unrest at home he decides to bring his family to Holland. Memo doesn't want to go and refuses to say one word. Life in Holland is very different . Memo finds a good friend in Jeroen. Nevertheless Memo's mood does not change. He is determined to go home.

KJK Nr. 66

Berlin 1996

Reinhold T. Schöffel, BJF: 28.02.2000

World sales address/es:
Bos Bros (NL)
Attraction Distribution (CDN)

Sold to:
Jef (BE)
Hungry Eye (NL)
Park Junior (NL)
Cinema Public Films (F)
Scanbox (DK)
In The Air (NL)