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Bert - The Last Virgin

Original title: Bert - den siste oskulden
German title: Bert - Die letzte Jungfau
Sweden, 1996

Director: Alfredson, Tomas
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

15-year-old Bert has a problem: he is still a virgin, and, as he confides to his diary, is utterly convinced that death is just around the corner. The only person who could save him from this fate is Victoria, an incredibly beautiful girl who has just moved to Bert's town from Stockholm. She already has an (older) boyfriend and even a motorbike. His grandmother and her new partner turn out to have lots of good advice ...

A quickly paced adolescent comedy that will be released in Germany in 1997.

Lübeck 96

World sales address/es:
Sveriges TV (S)

Sold to:
Matthias-Film (D)
Svensk Filmindustri (SE)