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Back to Gaya

Original title: Back to Gaya
German title: Back to Gaya
Germany, 2004

Director: Krawinkel, Lenard Fritz
Production company: Ambient Entertainment
Co-producers: Recorded Pictures Company (GB), Morena Films (ESP)
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Full-digital animation. Boo and Sinu are the heroes in a TV-series which plays in the artificial paradise of Gaya. One day a crazy professor steals Gaya's magical stone. This incident brings Boo and Sinu into the human reality. They have to find this magical stone, even they have to face many adventures.

Quite spectacular images and a nice story about the goods and the bads and about friendship.

Marketing strategies:
"'Indiana Jones' for children using the technics of 'Toy Story'" (Production notes)

According to the producer the films has already been sold to 20 countries.

Cinema: 160.000 admissions in Gemany.

Gijon 2004, Giffoni 2004, Stockholm Junior 2005, Zlin 2005

Website: www.backtogaya.com

World sales address/es:
Hanway (GB)

Sold to:
Warner Brothers (DE)
Warner (CH)
Jef (BE)
D.N.C. S.p.a. (IT)
Lusomundo (PT)