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Beloved Daughter, The

Original title: Nepalin morsian
German title: Beloved Daughter, The *
Finland, Norway, 2019

Director: Madisson, Tiina
Production company: Icebreaker Productions
Co-producers: Filmavdelingen
Age recommendation: 8 years and up
Length: 71 min.
Film genre: Documentary

When 14-year-old Rekha realises that her family is planning to marry her off, her dreams collapse. How can she prevent the marriage when everyone is forcing her to accept her fate?

What happens to a girl’s development when her family casts her out when she is still a child? How is her future affected by the violence that she encounters, violence that is concealed under a veneer of care and concern?

The documentary film The Beloved Daughter examines a childhood that is cut short and the mental landscape of a young girl growing up in the midst of violence.

Tampere IFF 2019, CPH:DOX Copenhagen 2019, Oulu CFF 2020

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