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Boys from Via Pal, The

Original title: Ragazzi della Via Pál, I
German title: Jungen von der Paulstraße, Die
Italy, 2002

Director: Zaccaro, Maurizio
Production company: RTI

A group of boys, the Stucco Society, is searching for a place to play. When, in Via Pál, young Nemecsek finds an abandoned saw-mill inhabited by Janos, an apparently grumpy but soft-hearted man, at last the Society think they have found a place to play. But two perils are threatening them: the rival Red Shirts gang and the perfidious Julia. The woman is Janos’ ex-wife and owner of the saw-mill, which she intends to demolish in order to build something more profitable.

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Starring Mario Adorf, Virna Lisi and Nancy Brilli

Giffoni 2003, FICI Madrid 2007

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