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Boy of War

Original title: Boy of War
German title: Boy of War
Germany, Czech Republic, 2018

Director: Clément-Delmas, Cyprien & Kosenko, Igor
Production company: Fabian&Fred Studio for Film and Animation
Co-producers: Analog Vision
Length: 79 min.
Film genre: Documentary

Artiom is 18 years old and has just one wish: to go to war and fight for his homeland, Ukraine. Everything else comes second. He dresses in camouflage, watches war videos online, and in his free time practices battle scenes with his friends. Or at least they think they are battle scenes. As a child, he only sees the surface of the war. And he has the bad luck that the fighting rages so tantalizingly close. This observational documentary is a fascinating study of the cult of war in a post-Soviet setting where those who succumb to the allure of battle are the least suitable and least predisposed to fighting – a fact perfectly illustrated by Artiom’s final struggle with the reality of war.

Jihlava IFF 2018 (awarded)

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Fabian&Fred (DE)