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By the Name of Tania

Original title: By the Name of Tania
German title: By the Name of Tania
Belgium, Netherlands, 2019

Director: Liénard, Bénédicte & Jiménez, Mary
Production company: Clin d'Oeil films
Co-producers: BALDR Film, Dérives, Cinétroupe
Age recommendation: 14 years and up
Length: 84 min.
Film genre: Hybrid Docufiction

Based upon real testimonies, this hybrid film tells the story of Tania, a teenage girl forced into prostitution in the gold mining regions of Peru.

Tania remembers how she was taken from her home lured with false promises of wealth and riches and how she slowly lost her identity in the process, changing her life forever. While sharing her story with a police officer, Tania’s voice takes us from one memory to another. While she recounts her ordeal, the camera takes us on a journey from the jungle to the mining region, from her home where her grandmother died to the heart of her exploitation in the prostitution bars.
The Amazon’s beautiful scenery, the floating slums and the jungle are in sharp contrast with the darkness of the story, the poverty and the poignant testimony of a young girl. And though she is now safe, where her youth-like sense of worthiness and innocence once shined, a deeper and darker self-knowledge has settled in.

The feverish rush for gold combined with the destruction of the environment echoes as an allegory for the destruction of life in a capitalist world.

Berlin Generation 2019

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