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Brundibár – Bridges Across Time and Space

Original title: Brundibár – Brücke über Zeit und Raum
German title: Brundibár – Brücke über Zeit und Raum
Austria, 2016

Director: Aschauer, Arno
Production company: Institut für Film & Systemisches Storytelling
Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Length: 88 min.
Film genre: Documentary

In September 2015, 22 students from Neue Musikmittelschule Wiener Neustadt take a trip to the former Theresienstadt ghetto. It’s here where the children’s opera ‘Brundibár’ was originally performed that they wish to prepare for their own interpretation of this work of music. They are the same age as the original children were who performed it: 12-14 years old. The city’s past is still palpable, When the children meet Evelina Merová, an 85-year-old witness to what happened here in 1943, when she was just a girl of 13, she passes on a legacy to them: “Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated. Follow your conscience. Think twice. Human values lie inside a person, not in his or her outer appearance...“

Zlin 2017

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