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Bécassine, the wackiest Nanny ever

Original title: Bécassine, le Trésor Viking
German title: Bécassine und die Jagd nach dem Wikingerschatz
France, 2001

Director: Vidal, Philippe
Production company: Ellipsanime, Paris
Co-producers: Gébéka Films, Home Made Movies
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Charlotte, a young girl living in Paris, is happy and sad at the same time. On the one hand she is despondent, because her parents are going on a trip without her. On the other hand she looks forward to seeing Bécassine, the chaotic nanny from the countryside, who will look after her while her parents are gone. On one of his expeditions, Charlotte’s father has discovered by accident a Viking treasure, and overjoyed, told a friend about it. This avaricious friend hires some mean fellows who are to kidnap the father, steal the map of the site and dig out the treasure. But the gangster did not count on Bécassine and Charlotte. Intrepidly, the two go looking for Charlotte’s father. Setting off on a wild odyssey through the whole of France, from Ibiza to the North Pole, Bécassine and Charlotte risk their lives to salvage the treasure from the hands of the gangsters and capture them. (Lucas Filmfestival 2002)


Frankfurt 2002, Münster 2003, Montreal 2005

Website: www.becassinelefilm.com

World sales address/es:
Studiocanal ( F)

Sold to:
Gébéka (F)
CinéArt (BE)
Mont-Blanc (CH)
Super RTL (D)
Pol-Media (PL)