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Brothers of the Wind

Original title: Abel, il figlio del vento
German title: Wie Brüder im Wind
Austria, Italy, 2015

Director: Olivares, Gerardo & Penker, Otmar
Production company: Terra Mater Film Studios
Age recommendation: 10 years and up
Length: 98 min.
Film genre: Feature film

This is the moving story between Lukas, a lonely child who lives with his father, and baby eagle Abel. Their friendship starts on the day Abel is cast away from the nest by his stronger sibling. Lukas who is searching for a friend finds Abel. Form this moment they will grow up together finding their own way to life.

Marketing strategies:
With Jean Reno, Manuel Camacho, Tobias Moretti

Giffoni 2016, Cinekid Amsterdam 2016, Chicago CFF 2016, Filemon Brussels 2016, Juniorfest Plzen 2016, Castellinaria Bellinzona 2016, Providence CFF 2017 (awarded), Reel 2 Real Vancouver 2017

Website: www.terramater.at/cinema/brothers-of-the-wind/

World sales address/es:
Terra Mater (AT)

Sold to:
Adler (IT)