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Blinker and the Bagbag-Jewel

Original title: Blinker en het Bagbag Jewel
Belgium, 2000

Director: Neyghem, Filip van
Production company: Cine 3
Co-producers: VRT, Canal+,
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Blinker just can't stop to set himself up as a detective who solves village mysteries. This time he is looking for the valuable, stolen family jewels of the deceased baroness and their thieves. He becomes reckless and drags his girlfriend Nelle and her deaf nice Sara along in thrilling and dangerous adventures. (Flanders image 2001)

An adventurous youth film full of warmth, humour and suspense. "Blinker and the Bagbag-Jewel" is a sequel of "Blinker". Both films are based on novels by author Marc de Bel.

Zlin 2002

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Jef (BE)
Top Family (I)
Steward (F)