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Original title: Varvari
German title: Barbaren *
Serbia, Montenegro, Slowenija, 2014

Director: Ikic, Ivan
Production company: Sense Production
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

The year is 2008 and Kosovo is about to become independent. Luka, a young Serb, lives in the industrial city of Mladenovac, in a family that has suffered the consequences of war and survives by cheating the Social Security. At seventeen, Luka is a varvari, radical soccer fans manipulated by politicians, who spend most of their time defending their local football team to death, drinking and doing drugs, dealing, firing weapons, immersed in video games and social networks and engaging in a not virtual at all sex while waiting for the moment to demonstrate violently in Belgrade against Kosovo's independence. Is there any chance to escape this vicious circle?

Gijon IFF 2014

Website: www.senseproduction.rs/barbarians.html

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Wide Management (FR)