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Bamse and the City of Thieves

Original title: Bamse och Tjuvstaden
German title: Bamse – Der liebste und stärkste Bär der Welt
Sweden, 2014

Director: Ryltenius, Christian
Production company: Tre Vänner Produktion AB, Sluggerfilm Aktiebolag
Co-producers: Bamse Förlaget AB, Nordisk Film AB, Sveriges Television AB, Film i Väst AB
Age recommendation: 4 years and up
Length: 63 min.
Film genre: Animation

Bamse, Little Hop and Shellman must save Grandma frpm the evil Reynard Fox. He has kidnapped Grandma to prevent her from making thunder honey for Bamse - that's the honey that makes him the strongest bear in the world. Bamse and his friends set out on a dangerous journey through the Goblin Forest to the Citu of Thieves.

BUFF Malmö 2014, Buster Copenhagen 2014, Kristiansand 2014, Kinodisea Bucharest 2015, Kinodisea Arad/Romania 2016, Kinderfilmfest Muenster 2017, Seattle CFF 2018, Emden IFF 2018

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Reinvent (DK)

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MFA+-Filmverleih (D)