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Buratino's Return

Original title: Woswrastschenije Buratino
German title: Buratinos Rückkehr
Russia, 2013

Director: Michailowa, Jekaterina
Production company: Animos Studio
Co-producers: UMP Studio
Age recommendation: 7 years and up

In a big city, a villain named Mr. Baskara opened a factory were toys, lost or abandoned by children, were recycled and turned into horrible monsters. Baskara’s aim was to change the world and raise a heartless generation.

To escape from such a terrible fate, the abandoned toys hide in an underground city. But Baskara’s agents find them even there, and send them onto a merciless assembly line...

The fearless Buratino and his friends – the inspired Pierrot, the Little Rabbit abandoned by its owner, and the brave girl Varya – join in the battle against the evil forces and, together with all toys, defeat the evil Baskara.

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Schlingel Chemnitz 2013

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Animos (RUS)