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Original title: Dykkerne
German title: Taucher, Die
Denmark, 2000

Director: Sandgren, Åke
Production company: Thura Film A/S, Copenhagen
Co-producers: Peter Bech Film
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Two brothers are spending their summer on a boat with their grandfather who is teaching them scuba diving. By accident they come accross a German submarine, U 461, which was wrecked towards the end of World War II. Meanwhile bounty hunters are looking for the very same wreck. The boys expect to find an undiscovered treasure, but instead they are struck by terror, when it seems there is still life down there. Somebody is watching the two brothers, U 461 is hiding something beyond the imagination. The last days of the war are brought back to reality. Their summer holiday turns out to be a breathless race against time.

World sales address/es:
TrustNordisk Int. Sales (DK)

Sold to:
Park Junior (NL)
A-Film (NL)
97 Film (F)